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Filter separator working principle

Apr 28, 2019

The filter separator series mainly consists of a casing, a separation filter element, a coalescing filter element, an automatic exhaust valve, an automatic drain valve, a double needle pressure gauge, etc., and a white oil-resistant anticorrosive paint is sprayed inside the casing. Available in both vertical and horizontal versions, it can be subdivided into filter separators, microfilters and coarse filters. It is a long-distance pipeline, an airport gas station, an oil depot, and an oil transportation equipment for external transportation terminals. It is mainly used to remove moisture and impurities from fuel oil to ensure the quality of oil.

When the filter separator is working, the oil with moisture and impurities enters the center of the coalescing filter element from the inlet port. The innermost layer of the filter element is composed of highly accurate materials. When the oil passes through, the solid impurities contained in the filter are filtered out. The oil continues to flow outward. When the emulsion layer and the coalescence layer are composed of hydrophilic fibers with different diameters and densities, the tiny water droplets in the oil gradually coalesce into larger diameter water droplets due to oil-water displacement. After being deposited on the bottom layer of the filter separator, the clean oil which removes impurities and moisture is passed through the separation filter element and then flows out of the filter separator from the outlet pipe. This is the entire process of the filter separator for oil purification.www.inocofiltration.com