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Filter separator working principle and its use and maintenance

Jan 05, 2018

Filter separator is a typical filter separation device, which includes a filter, the second filter and metal shell and other components, on this basis, the filter separator is also equipped with sewage valve, drain valve, pressure drop Table, safety valve, heating devices and other accessories, used to filter the material.


When the material into the filter separator, usually first gathered in the aluminum tray, and then dispersed into the coalescing filter from the inside out. Followed by the first step by the filter layer to filter out solid impurities; the second step through the demulsification layer, the emulsified oil and water separation; the third step by the coalescence layer will be tiny droplets of water droplets coalescence, settling in the sump . And the resulting small water droplets are further separated by the water repellent action of the separation filter, and are settled in the sedimentation tank and discharged by the drain valve; meanwhile, clean fuel is collected in the second-level tray through the separation filter and discharged from the outlet of the filter separator.


For the filter separator, its working status and service life is mainly based on the pressure difference to judge, if the coalescing filter has been blocked, this time need to replace the filter separator filter.


Under normal circumstances, as long as the filter separator installed after long-term continuous, reliable work, generally do not open the lid cleaning. However, in order not to affect its normal work, do not forget the need for timely deflation, because if the accumulation of excess gas in the shell is harmful.


At the same time, it is also necessary to put a sediment after each refueling operation. It is normal that the water in the sediment is normal. If the sediment is found to have solid impurities, the cause should be identified and the treatment measures should be taken promptly.http://www.inocofiltration.com/