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Filtration and Backwashing of Automatic Backwash Filters

Automatic backwash filter is a very unique filtering device. Its filtration and backwashing is performed by a filter element. The sewage is filtered from the inside to the outside of the filter element. The impurities in the water are intercepted by the slit hole of the V-shaped end in the filter element. Floating around the gap plane, filtered water flows out of the gap in the filter element.


When the slot of the automatic backwash filter element is blocked by a large amount of suspended matter, the differential pressure at the inlet and outlet of the filter increases, and the backwashing is started, that is, the filter element is backwashed, and the internal cavity of the filter element is depressurized when the backwashing is performed. Through the atmosphere, the filtered water on the outside of the filter element becomes anti-wash water.


Under a large pressure difference, the backwashing water is rapidly flushed from the outside to the inside of the filter element. Since the gap is V-shaped, the flow rate of the backwashing water from the outside of the filter core to the inside is greatly increased, thereby forming a large scouring and cleaning of the gap. effect. The high-quality filter element with the V-shaped tip facing outwards has excellent fluid characteristics, which can make the automatic backwash filter automatic cleaning every time, thus ensuring the long-term and stable operation of the automatic backwash filter.


Not only that, the automatic backwash filter also has the excellent features of a self-cleaning filter, which integrates multiple slotted filter elements and is continuously on-line filtered for 24 hours. When the filter element is blocked, the device automatically recognizes and rotates one by one. Clean filter element.


Such equipment is of great use in the refining process of ethylene by-products. Due to the large viscosity of the product and the presence of impurities in the sludge, ordinary filters do not solve the problem very well. The use of an automatic backwash filter is much simpler. Because it is equipped with stainless steel filter, time control and differential pressure control, can guarantee 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, small loss of sewage.http://www.inocofiltration.com/