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Function and function of automatic backwash filter in garbage infiltration treatment

Apr 14, 2019

The fully automatic backwash filter effectively filters high-concentration sewage, using existing biological treatment methods combined with self-cleaning filters, and fully automatic backwash filter for biological filtration to be used in landfill leachate treatment. This method is the most commonly used, especially It is a fully automatic backwash filter. The biological treatment of leachate has relatively low operating costs, high treatment efficiency, and no secondary pollution caused by chemical sludge. Therefore, it is widely used in countries all over the world.


The backwash filter reverse osmosis function is commonly used in the post-treatment of leachate as it removes medium molecular weight dissolved organics. On the one hand, the backwash filter has the efficiency of reverse osmosis function; on the other hand, it is the modular management of its reverse osmosis function system; and the function has automatic control characteristics.


Biological method and reverse osmosis are applied to the fully automatic backwash filter, which effectively solves the difficult problem of landfill leachate treatment. The material retention efficiency of the small molecular weight is improved, and the disadvantage of the structure of the high concentration organic matter or the inorganic sediment in the fully automatic backwash filter is reduced.


Generally, the landfill uses pipes to discharge excess leachate into a reserved pool, and then filters it with a fully automatic backwash filter. Different landfills vary greatly in water quality for different reasons. Therefore, when filtering leachate in the same field, first consider the filtering function of various filters.