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Gas filter

Nov 21, 2017

Gas filter Gas filter from the shell, multi-element filter, backwash mechanism, electric control box, reducer, electric valve and differential pressure controller and other components. The diaphragm in the shell divides the inner cavity into upper and lower two cavities, and the upper cavity is equipped with multiple filter elements, thus making full use of the filtering space and significantly reducing the volume of the filter. The back cavity is provided with a backwashing sucker . Work, the turbidity liquid into the filter through the entrance to the lower chamber, and through the diaphragm hole into the filter cavity. Impurities larger than the gap of the filter are trapped, and the net liquid passes through the gap to reach the upper chamber and is finally discharged from the outlet.

Gas filters, automatic sewage filter core wedge-shaped filter with high strength, through the pressure control, timing control automatic cleaning filter. When the filter impurities accumulated in the filter surface caused by import and export pressure increased to the set value, drive backwash mechanism. When the backwash sucker mouth and the filter inlet is opposite, the sewage valve opens, the system pressure relief drainage, the suction cup and the filter inside a relative pressure lower than the outer pressure of the filter negative pressure area, forcing part of the net circulating water from the filter outside Flows into the inside of the filter element, and the impurity particles adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter element flow into the stir plate and drain out of the drain valve. Specially designed filters create a spray inside the filter element, any impurities will be washed away from the smooth inner wall. When the filter import and export pressure back to normal or the timer set time is over, the entire process, the material flow, backwash water consumption less, to achieve a continuous, automated production.