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Gas filter chemical filtration principle and filtration effect

Jan 25, 2018

Only need to install various types of folding filter cartridge for gas filtration in the filter housing, you can simply form a complete set of gas filters. This filter equipment not only designed, compact, and easy installation and cleaning, suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and other industries sterilization gas filtration.


At the same time, the gas filter housing can also be installed pressure gauges used to monitor the pressure of the filter in real time; and once installed high efficiency folding filter, you can as a fine filter for gas sterilization filter. In addition, the gas filter housing can be installed in the efficiency, sub-efficient folding filter, and supporting the use of fine filter, as a pre-filter, you can extend the life of fine filter to improve efficiency.


No matter what kind of structure of the gas filter is used in chemical filtration, are basically selective adsorption of harmful gas molecules, rather than mechanically as ordinary filters to remove impurities. The filter medium used here is a common activated carbon material. Due to the large number of micropores that are invisible to the naked eye, these micropores are used to effectively adsorb harmful gases.


When the free-boiling molecules in the air contact the activated carbon in the gas filter, some condense into a liquid in the micropores and remain in place by the capillary principle, some filling the micropores that are comparable in molecular size to the material. In addition, activated carbon also adsorbs certain airborne microorganisms and kills them.


Under normal circumstances, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon during use of the gas filter will continue to weaken, when weakened to a certain extent, the filter scrapped. If only physical adsorption, with heating or steam fumigation can make harmful gases from activated carbon, activated carbon regeneration.http://www.inocofiltration.com/