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Gas filter development process

Mar 07, 2018

Gas filters were originally used as a respiratory protection device for respiratory protection, but after a long period of evolution, it has evolved into an indispensable decontamination device for industrial production. It seems necessary to understand the development of gas filters.


The gas filter prototype is a mask protector made of hemp, and gas air filters have also progressed long after that, but they are mainly used as respiratory protection appliances in hazardous industries such as hazardous Production of chemicals.


Until the law of movement of fine particles was found, people have a better understanding of the mechanism of gas filtration, and its rapid development is closely related to the development of the military industry and the electronics industry. Due to the use of various chemical agents in war, military gas masks using asbestos fiber filter paper as a filter layer have emerged.


With the passage of time, glass fiber filter media in the gas filter has been successfully applied, while technicians on glass fiber filter paper production process conducted in-depth study, making the gas filter has been improved and developed.


Later, a gas filter made of fine glass fiber filter paper was used as the filter medium, which filtered 99.9998% of the particles of 0.13 micron particle size. With the new test method, but also produced a higher performance ultra-efficient gas filter. At present, our research on the gas filter is still not stopped, I believe the future will appear more advanced gas filter.http://www.inocofiltration.com