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High-efficiency filter use conditions and installation and commissioning

Oct 29, 2019

High-efficiency air filter have been widely used in various areas of our daily life. How do you use air filters? The following is a description of the conditions and installation of high-efficiency air filters.


High efficiency air filter conditions

1. Reasonably arrange the sewage pipe of the equipment filtration system to facilitate flushing the filter and discharging impurities.

2. Note that the filtration capacity of the entire system should be larger than the required capacity.

3. Note that the total water flow of the entire system should match the flow rate of the emitter used.

4. A primary filter should be installed at the pump inlet to dispose of large particulate impurities floating in the water.

5. Flow meters, water meters, and pressure gauges can be installed in the equipment when necessary. These components can be used not only to monitor the performance of the filter system, but also to observe the operating status of the entire system.

Installation and commissioning of high efficiency air filter

1. Fill the filter with granite gravel, then install the medium-grained sand medium, and finally load the finest sand medium; if the granite gravel and filter material are contaminated during transportation, they must be washed with water. Can be loaded.

2. Fill the corresponding filter material strictly according to the thickness of the medium layer given by the manufacturer, and it should not be confused.

3. Close the recoil control valve on the filter, adjust the flow regulating valve on the drain pipe, open the main valve on the main pipe and start the unit.

4. Slowly open the recoil control valve of the equipment, then increase the opening of the flow regulating valve to confirm that the recoil flow is within the allowable range.

5. Close the recoil control valve in the equipment and repeat the fourth step for all other tanks.

6. Rinse each tank according to the fourth and fifth methods, and then close all the recoil control valves to make the filtration system enter the normal water supply state.