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How does the backwash filter work

Feb 13, 2019

The backwashing filter can effectively filter out mechanical impurities larger than 25 μm in the ketone-benzene deoiling raw material wax, reduce the accumulation of mechanical impurities in the catalyst, reduce the increase of the reactor pressure drop, and improve the quality of the semi-finished wax.

Moreover, the whole process of filtration to flushing is relatively reduced, ensuring continuous feeding of the device and ensuring smooth operation of the device.


The backwashing filter does not pollute the raw material because it uses paraffin wax without mechanical impurities after filtration as a flushing medium. Compared with the original filter using steam as the flushing medium, it eliminates the contamination of the raw material wax and avoids it. The entry of mechanical impurities has played a very good role in reducing the energy consumption of the device.


The backwash filter has various forms of rinsing processes including a fully automatic backwashing process; a set time backwashing process; and a manual backflushing process. When the filter is used for a period of time, a large amount of impurities that are difficult to backwash will be deposited on the filter element. As the flushing cycle increases, the deposition on the filter element gradually increases. At this time, the filter is removed for cleaning. The cleaning method is as follows: Aviation coal immersion, strong acid rinsing, heating furnace incineration, steam rinsing.www.inocofiltration.com