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How is the ultrafiltration technology of the self-cleaning filter

Mar 06, 2019

The self-cleaning filter adopts the separation membrane technology and has advanced technologies such as hollow fiber ultrafiltration and microfiltration membrane, and is widely used for filtration of various sewages. Self-cleaning filter can effectively filter electroplating wastewater. The general source of electroplating wastewater is plating cleaning wastewater; electroplating waste liquid; other wastewater, including flushing workshop floor, scrubbing floor and ventilation equipment condensate and leakage due to plating tank or operation management Improperly caused by various tanks and drains of running, running, dripping and leaking; equipment cooling water.


The characteristics of the electroplating wastewater filtered by the self-cleaning filter are: the quality of the electroplating wastewater, the amount of water and the process conditions of the electroplating production, the production load, the operation management and the water use method. The water quality of electroplating wastewater is complex and the composition is not easy to control.


The self-cleaning filter is made of hollow fiber, the surface activation layer is dense, the support layer is double-row finger structure, high tensile strength, good backwashing effect, anti-pollution, long service life, and long-term guarantee of water quality. .

Characteristics of ultrafiltration: The ultrafiltration system can remove almost all bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, E. coli, some organic matter of macromolecules and all insoluble colloids in water.


The stable operation of the self-cleaning filter ultrafiltration system depends on the cortical micropore of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane of the ultrafiltration membrane; the high strength and excellent toughness of the membrane filament determine the blasting strength of the membrane filament, and the filtration membrane is largely avoided. The operation of the assembly under short-term high pressure produces a large area of film filament bursting or breaking, directly causing the component to lose its function. There is also the high hydrophilicity of the ultrafiltration membrane material.www.inocofiltration.com