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How to change the filter bag

Apr 23, 2019

When replacing the filter bag of the bag filter, pay attention to the replacement method of the filter bag. Generally, the inlet valve will be closed first, then the exhaust valve will be opened, so that the pressure inside the bag filter can be lowered to normal. Pressure state. After that, open the bolt on the top cover and then open the retaining ring of the filter bag. Pay attention to the correct operation mode and do not violently disassemble. After disassembling, take out the clogged filter bag, replace the new filter bag, then fix the filter bag retaining ring, then close the top cover, lock the top cover, then open the inlet valve, and wait until the exhaust valve has liquid flowing out. When you can, you can close the exhaust valve. This operation is very fast, and the entire replacement of the filter bag is not more than 15 minutes.

When replacing, be careful to find a way to remove the bag filter, use a reasonable tool to disassemble, do not damage the bolts of the snap ring and the top cover, to avoid the filter bag can not be fixed due to incorrect operation or It is the seal that affects the bag filter.