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How to clean PP filter

May 01, 2019

PP filters are the main filters for water purification products, first in contact with water contaminants and most easily blocked by contaminants. To ensure that the filtration effect is used, it must be cleaned and maintained each time.

1. Clean with industrial detergent

Industrial large equipment In order to ensure the cleanliness of the machine, some enterprises have developed industrial equipment, detergents, better than household detergents, higher decontamination rate, and cleaner deep-seated pollutants. The cleaning method is the same as the detergent. PP filter

2. Clean with detergent

Many curing detergents have been produced in the kitchen market and can also be used on PP filters for cleaning. Then pour a small amount of detergent into the pot, mix by hand, then insert the filter into it, so the filter is lighter in color or the same color until the water. PP filter

Disadvantages: Higher interest, cleaning 2-3 times interest enough to buy a new filter

Disadvantages: increased interest in cleaning, internal organs can not get rid of.

Advantages: The cleaning effect is good, the filter inside and outside the multi-level pollutants can be removed, and the filtering effect is enhanced.

Advantages: higher decontamination rate, better cleaning effect, can extend the life of PP filter.

3. Wash directly with water

First take a pot of water, then remove the filter from the filter, put the filter into the basin, wash it with the dark color on the brush, then enter the basin to swing and wash, change the turbidity at the bottom of the basin, and then come. Until the surface of the filter is lighter or there are no contaminants during the discharge.

Advantages: low benefits (only water cost) easy to maintain, easy to operate, flush direction. The most practical rinsing method at this stage.

Disadvantages: the washing effect is not very good, the local hard residue is difficult to clean, if the pollutants accu