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How to do the uninterrupted filtration of the self cleaning filter?

Dec 07, 2018

The water enters the self-cleaning filter from the water inlet, firstly filters out the impurities of the larger particles through the coarse filter element, and then reaches the fine filter mesh, and the fine particles are filtered through the fine filter to remove the impurities of the fine particles, and the clean water is discharged from the water outlet. During the filtration process, the inner layer of the fine mesh gradually accumulates, and the sides of the surface form a pressure difference.

When this pressure difference reaches the preset value, the active cleaning process will be started: the drain valve is opened, the hydraulic motor chamber of the main assembly and the hydraulic cylinder release pressure and the water is discharged; the pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the suction pipe is greatly reduced because the negative pressure effect, the dirt on the inner wall of the fine filter net is sucked through the suction nozzle, and the hydraulic motor flows into the hydraulic motor room, and is discharged by the sewage discharge valve to form a suction process.


When the water flows through the hydraulic motor, the suction pipe is driven to rotate, and the suction cylinder drives the suction pipe to move axially. The combination of the axial movement and the rotary movement of the suction device assembly completely cleans the inner and outer surfaces of the filter. The entire cleaning process will continue for ten seconds. The drain valve closes at the end of the wash, the increased water pressure causes the hydraulic cylinder piston to return to its original orientation, and the filter begins to prepare for the next flush cycle. During the self-cleaning filter cleaning process, the normal filtering operation of the filter is uninterrupted.www.inocofiltration.com