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How to effectively protect the filter element of the self-cleaning filter?

Sep 26, 2018

Self-cleaning filter is a kind of filter that directly intercepts impurities in water, removes suspended solids and particulate matter, reduces turbidity, purifies water quality, reduces system fouling, algae, rust, etc., to purify water and protect other systems. Precision equipment for work.


The water enters the self-cleaning filter body from the water inlet. Due to the intelligent design, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and automatically discharge the sewage valve signal. After the industrial wastewater is treated by the self-cleaning filter, the water source becomes more and more clear, and the outflowing water can be reused to achieve zero discharge of industrial wastewater, thereby saving water for the industry.


Filter element is one of the important components of self-cleaning filter. In order to protect it, firstly, it can improve the effect of pretreatment operation, optimize the dosage of flocculant and coagulant, select the scale inhibitor suitable for water source, and adjust each pretreatment. The equipment is in an optimal operating state, and the pre-treatment effluent quality is qualified in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures.


The second is to select a quality-guaranteed filter element for the self-cleaning filter, which can extend the life cycle of the filter element and ensure the water quality of the security filter. The number of small pores in the unique fiber structure of the self-cleaning filter element is increased until the center of the filter element, which maximizes filter life and sludge removal efficiency.https://www.inocofiltration.com/