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Inline filter treatment of automotive coating wastewater advantages

Jun 20, 2018

The inline filter shows the characteristics of large amount of treated water and large changes in water quality. Therefore, it has been shown through engineering practice that it has a good effect in the process of the application and treatment of automotive paint wastewater, and the water quality after the inline filter treatment can fully meet the requirements. Emission standards.


The coating process is widely used in automotive appearance treatment, and wastewater is mainly produced during the production process. The treatment of automotive paint wastewater has become a major problem in today's wastewater treatment projects. After years of research and engineering practice, the effective inline filter in the use of the inline filter is an effective use of filters to directly intercept water impurities, remove water, suspended solids, particulate matter, to reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce the system Purposes such as dirt, bacteria and algae.


Water from the intake pipe filter inside, because the system can only be PLC, PAC design, the system can automatically identify the accumulation level of impurities, drainage valve signal automatic drainage. The multi-year operation shows that the inline filter operates stably and has a good treatment effect. The treated water quality is analyzed and analyzed by the local environmental monitoring station for many times. After the inline filter treatment, the water quality meets the national regulations.


It can be seen that the use of inline filters to treat automotive coating wastewater is an economical and viable alternative to other methods with good stability, low interest rates, simple operations and maintenance.