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Inline strainer operation control and timer setting

May 22, 2018

The operation mode of the inline strainer can be simply divided into two types, one is manual control, and the other is automatic control. The specific operation steps are different. In addition to grasping the operation modes of the above two inline strainers, it is also necessary to know how to set the timer that is matched with the device.


When people manually control the pipe line filter, the manual/automatic selector switch should be rotated to the manual position; at the same time, the motor and the hydraulic control valve should be connected to the power supply, and the hydraulic control valve should be opened to start the drainage. The selector switch rotates to the automatic position and enters the automatic state.


The manual control state of the inline strainer is a means to check whether the motor and the hydraulic control valve can work normally. If the manual control state does not discharge the pollutants normally, then the equipment will not work normally in the automatic control state, so this control method is very It is necessary to exist.


The automatic control of the inline strainer is of course started by turning the manual/automatic selector switch to the automatic position and setting the filter time and the blowdown time timer. The lower nixie tube of the timer shows the setting value, and the upper nixie tube shows the timing value.


The setting method of the timer in the inline strainer should be: press the position selection button, the first digital tube in the lower row is flashing, use the increase key to adjust the value, adjust and press the position selection key again, the second digital tube will flash. Use the increase key to adjust the value, and so on. Set the time, the digital tube will continue to flash for 8 seconds, 8 seconds after the value is stored in memory, and power is not lost. After adjusting the value, press the start button to start timing. If the machine is powered off, the next time the power is turned on, the timer starts automatically and the time is set according to the set time.


The inline strainer power, with the selector switch into the automatic state, the first filter, filter time timer to start timing; at the same time the pressure difference switch will also be the actual pressure difference and the set pressure difference, if the set filter time, and The pressure difference has not arrived, the machine also opened the sewage valve to clean the sewage, the filtration time stopped, and the sewage time started.


When the discharge time is up, close the blowdown valve, stop cleaning the blowdown, the stop time of the blowdown time, the filter time start timing, enter the next cycle, if the set filter time does not arrive, and the pressure difference is reached, the machine opens the blowdown valve to clean the blowdown. When the filtration time stops, the time for the discharge of pollutants begins. When the time for the discharge of pollutants is reached, the blowdown valve is closed, the cleaning of the sewage is stopped, the time for the discharge of the sewage is stopped, and the filtration time is started. This cycle continues.http://www.inocofiltration.com/