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Installation precautions for automatic backwash filter

Apr 12, 2019

The selection of the automatic backwash filter should be matched to the installation line. When the filter flow does not meet the pipeline requirements, two (or more) filters can be installed in parallel or side by side. The filter should be installed as far as possible in the place where the system is to be protected. The inlet low pressure affects the use and should therefore be installed close to the pressure source.


The automatic backwash filter should be installed in series in the pipeline system. In order to ensure uninterrupted water supply during shutdown maintenance, it is recommended to set bypass in the system. The filter inlet and outlet and bypass should be equipped with a ball valve for cutting. Where there is a possibility of backflow, a check valve should be installed at the filter outlet.


When selecting the type, the temperature of the water flowing through the fully automatic self-cleaning filter should not exceed its adaptation temperature. The installation site has three-phase 380V power frequency AC. The sewage pipe should not exceed 5 meters to avoid back pressure. DC system pay attention to filtration accuracy, pretreatment, pressure matters, and intermittent system caution. Reasonably choose the installation environment, pay attention to waterproof, rainproof and moisture proof.


The backwash filter system will stop running for a long time or stop running seasonally. Before the system stops running, add appropriate amount of corrosion inhibitor to the water and take measures of full water wet protection to reduce corrosion and protect the system.www.inocofiltration.com