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Internal structure of automatic backflush filter and its use characteristics

Nov 03, 2018

The automatic backflush filter is widely used in the steel industry for its unique functions. It needs to recycle water for iron making, steel making, continuous casting, steel rolling, wire seamless pipe production, etc. It can also be used in petrochemical, water conservancy, thermal power and other industries. And other occasions where water and liquid are recycled, it can filter mechanical impurities in industrial circulating water and other liquids more effectively and reliably.


The automatic backflush filter is composed of a tank body, a filter column, a recoil mechanism, an electric control box, a speed reducer, an electric valve and a differential pressure controller. The diaphragm in the tank divides the inner cavity into a turbid liquid chamber and a clear liquid chamber, and a plurality of filter columns are mounted on the horizontal partition; the turbid liquid sent from the pump enters the turbid liquid chamber and enters the filter column through the partition hole. The inner cavity, the clear liquid passes through the gap to the clear liquid chamber, and all the filtered liquid is merged in the clear liquid chamber and finally sent out from the outlet. When the impurities accumulate in the filter column to a certain thickness, a pressure difference is generated between the turbid liquid chamber and the clear liquid chamber. At this time, the recoil mechanism can be automatically controlled by the differential pressure controller, or the backwash system can be manually activated to remove the filter residue.


The automatic backflush filter uses its own filtered supernatant to self-clean the filter column without the need to remove the filter and clean, and does not require an additional cleaning system. Since it has several filter columns installed in the tank at the same time, each filter column is washed one by one during the backwashing, and the other filter columns continue to work to ensure continuous liquid supply.


The filter column in the automatic backflush filter is made of welded trapezoidal section stainless steel wire on a polygonal frame, which has high strength and corrosion resistance. A precise filter gap and a V-shaped area facing the liquid direction are formed between each adjacent two steel wires, and particles larger than the slit are collected to form a filter layer, thereby further improving the filtration precision. The V-shaped area also provides an appropriate release angle for easy removal of impurities during backwashing.http://www.inocofiltration.com/