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Laminated automatic backwash filter design Centrifugal plate use

May 26, 2018

After continuous research, the function of the full-automatic backwash filter has been further broken. It is to design the unique centrifugal disk technology on the common function of the laminated automatic backwash filter, which can help users save Expenses, while more energy-saving and water-saving.


For laminated automatic backwash filters, the grooved filter laminate is its core element for more thorough and accurate 3D filtration. The water-driven backwash of filter laminations is automatically initiated according to different needs and is performed at any time. Since the filtration and backwashing processes of the equipment are performed at the same time, the automatic maintenance of the system does not affect the filtered water flow.


It can be seen that the laminated automatic backflushing filter simultaneously achieves surface filtration and deep filtration, and achieves accurate and safe filtration. On this basis, in addition to the design of the spiral disk, a unique centrifugal effect is produced, so that the large particles in the water are thrown on the inner wall of the filter away from the laminated sheet before entering the filter lamination for deep filtration, thereby greatly reducing the The cleaning frequency of the filter laminates achieves the purpose of lower cost maintenance and water saving of the filter.


When the laminated automatic backwash filter is in the filtration stage, the water enters through the inlet of the filter, and the filter core piston presses the laminations tightly. The special centrifugal disk of the centrifugal disk is located at the bottom of the filter core. When the water enters the filter and comes into contact with the plastic blades of the centrifugal disk in a tangential direction, the resulting centrifugal effect throws water carrying large particles of impurities on the inner wall of the filter and concentrates on the top of the filter. Water carrying less impurities then contacts the filter laminations, greatly reducing the cleaning frequency required for laminations and achieving a simpler effect of water conservation and equipment maintenance.


The deep filtration of the automatic backwash filter lamination passes through the primary filtration of the centrifugal disc, large particles of impurities remain outside the filter lamination, and the water continues to pass through the gaps between the laminations into the deep-seated filtration of the three-dimensional space. The filtered clean water is stacked. The inner cavity of the chip flows out of the outlet, and impurities left in the filter are cleaned during the backwash stage.


In the backwash stage, the filter core piston of the laminated automatic backwash filter is lifted and the laminations are released. The backwash stream is ejected from the orifice of the filter cartridge cylinder and sprayed in the direction of the green arrow on the loose laminations, causing the laminations to move laterally and longitudinally. And the lamination is thoroughly cleaned by the water stream under the rapid rotation of the lamination and then discharged from the sewage outlet.http://www.inocofiltration.com/