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Manufacturing process and installation method of back filter

Nov 21, 2018

The back filter  is actually relatively compact in structure, and there is an original filter housing integral molding and its processing technology; through the use of advanced manufacturing processes, it can avoid various leaks caused by welding of steel filter housing.In the production of back filter´╝îhigh-strength ductile iron materials are used to provide good corrosion protection, which helps to extend the life of the equipment.


The filter element is the core part of the back filter. The high-precision filter element not only has the function of never wearing, but also guarantees that it will never deform in the pressure test.


For the coarse and fine filter screen of the back filter , the stainless steel welded mesh is used to a large extent, and there is a sieve plate and a screen directly forming the inner and outer double-layer structure; It is the direct use of the active cleaning method, and it is precisely because of this, it is actually to enhance its anti-interference ability, cleaning will be more thorough.


When installing the back filter , it is only necessary to directly connect to the pipeline according to the direction of the water in the arrow on the cylinder of the equipment. However, it should be noted that the sewage outlet should be considered in the lower part as much as possible to facilitate the smooth discharge of debris.http://www.inocofiltration.com/