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Principles of compliance in designing and using gas liquid filtration separators

When designing and using the gas - liquid filter separator, the relevant principles must be observed. First, the gas - liquid filter separator must have sufficient capacity to store the excess liquid refrigerants. Especially the heat pump system, try not to be less than 50% of the charge, if the conditions are best, do experiments to verify.


Because when throttling orifice or capillary is used for heating, 70% of liquid refrigerant may return to the gas-liquid separator. High exhaust pressure and low suction pressure will also allow more liquid refrigerants to enter the gas-liquid separator. Although the thermal expansion valve is less, it may also have 50% flow to the gas - liquid filter separator, so it is necessary to ensure that the gas has enough capacity to store these liquid refrigerants.


In order to ensure that the refrigerant and refrigerant return to the compressor, it is necessary to design suitable oil return holes and filters for the gas-liquid separator. The size of the return hole should be ensured that no liquid refrigerant is refluxing to the compressor, but it is also necessary to ensure that the refrigerant oil can be returned to the compressor as far as possible.


If the liquid refrigerant exists in the running gas liquid filter separator, the diameter 0.040i is recommended. If the shutdown refrigerant is migrated to the gas liquid separator, it is recommended to use 0.055in. Of course, if conditions permit, it is possible to optimize this size with experiments to achieve the best results. There is also a filter network, and a smaller aperture is more secure.


In addition, the pressure loss of the gas-liquid filter separator should be as small as possible. The flow of refrigerant oil and refrigerant is controlled by the size of the outlet U tube, so its size also determines the pressure loss of the refrigerant, as the refrigerant entering the outlet pipe is high speed.


In addition, in the design of gas liquid filter separator time, the drawings should be specified the corresponding pipe size, shape size, air tightness test, strength test and other pressure tests, cleanliness, residual moisture, the intake pipe should be clearly marked on the tube; the barrel should be filled with 0.05MPa high pure nitrogen pressure; other key technical requirements or Material and size requirements; filter mesh number and so on.http://www.inocofiltration.com/