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Processing of the internal water backwashing filter

With the rapid increase of urban population and the improvement of national effluent water quality standards, the original facilities of most sewage treatment plants have been unable to meet the demand, and the effluent is generally high. Therefore, based on the advanced technology abroad, we have developed an internal water backwash filter that is more in line with domestic demand.


The internal water backwashing filter is a filtering device for removing suspended solids, and the device is composed of a frame, a filtering system, a backwashing system and an automatic control system, and the drum is provided with a filter screen which is easy to disassemble. The equipment is continuously filtered, and the device has an automatic opening and closing switch. When the drum has water, the liquid level sensor will send a signal to start the deceleration drive system to drive the drum to rotate and start the backwash pump.


The sewage flows into the hollow drum, which is a high-strength stainless steel strainer. The sewage is filtered out from the inside of the filter screen to the outside, and the suspended matter in the sewage is trapped inside the filter screen. When the water level in the bucket reaches a certain water level, the flushing water is automatically flushed from the outside of the filter screen to the inside through the high-pressure nozzle at the top of the drum, and the fine particulate matter washed out is collected by the backwashing filter device inside the device for collecting in the water collecting tank. And dispatch equipment through the sewage pipeline. When there is no water passing through the device, the device will automatically stop running.www.inocofiltration.com