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Re-manufacturing industry development guidance will be introduced soon

Oct 02, 2019

"We have already drafted and have solicited opinions, which are guiding opinions on promoting the development of the remanufacturing industry, and will be jointly released with relevant departments to promote the healthy, orderly and rapid development of the national remanufacturing industry." He Pingguang, inspector of the company, said in an interview. He Bingguang said that the development of remanufacturing in China is now in its infancy, starting with the remanufacturing of 14 auto parts, through pilots, through support for the project, and through the study of policies, to achieve a good start. In the next stage, the development of the remanufacturing industry will be taken as an important part of the country's promotion of circular economy. Taking into account the characteristics of the development stage of remanufacturing and China's national conditions, the remanufacturing industry can develop in a healthy and orderly manner. Multi-pronged approach means that the legal, economic and necessary administrative means must be used comprehensively to advance.

He revealed that the National Development and Reform Commission, as the comprehensive management department of the national circular economy, is working with relevant departments to promote the development of the national remanufacturing industry in accordance with the requirements of the State Council.

There are nine main considerations: the first is macro guidance; the second is planning guidance; the third is pilot exploration; the fourth is policy support; the fifth is regulatory guarantee; the sixth is independent innovation; the seventh is standard access. The eighth is the regulation and regulation; the ninth is to raise awareness, mobilize the whole people, and truly increase public acceptance through propaganda, which can form a social atmosphere that our whole society is willing to use, dare to use, and use remanufactured products.https://www.inocofiltration.com/