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Reasons for the shortness of the filter and its solution

Nov 02, 2019

Lessons and experiences over the years have led people to choose filters based on those configurations. The following is a description of the reasons and solutions for short filter placement by the North filter:


Users often interrupt the filter filter too short, mainly for the following reasons: First, the filter material area in the filter is too small or the dust holding capacity per unit area is too small; second, the filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low. In addition, the user expects the filter to be too high.

For the first reason, the use of a large-area filter is significantly longer. It is best to consider this in the design. It is troublesome to rebuild the filter system to extend the replacement after the project is completed. In many projects, the user requested to adjust the floor space to reduce the space occupied by the air conditioning system, or the user did not notice that the supplier used a cheap filter with a small filtering area. The filter can meet the requirements of air purification when the project is accepted, but the filter material area of the filter is too small, and the filter is inevitably long.

For the second reason, the filtration efficiency of the pre-filter can be adjusted to block the dust in the pre-filter. For example, the end filter is F7. When using the G4 pre-filter, the replacement of the end filter is 3 months. In the clean room, the value of the end high-efficiency filter is not high, and the risk and overhead of replacing the filter will be Very high, and the replacement of the pre-filter does not need to stop production, so experienced owners will pay attention and money on the pre-filter.

For 10,000 and 100,000 clean plants (non-uniform flow), the F8 filter (95% colorimetric method) is used for pre-filtration, so that the end-height filter can be up to 5 years in size. In the past clean room air conditioning system design in the country, the common configuration of the filter is: coarse → medium efficiency → high efficiency. At that time, the end of the high efficiency filter was a total of 1 to 3 years.

The pros and cons of the main filter are expected to be relative to the pre-filter.