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RFT backwash filter and application

Apr 18, 2019

The RFT Automatic Backwash Filter is a self-cleaning device for continuously filtering particles from low viscosity fluids. Its biggest features are high reliability and low maintenance costs.

The filter has a filtration accuracy rating of 30-1000 μm to ensure efficient separation of impurities from the fluid. When the pressure difference between the filter element and the pressure is set to the set value, the backwash is started immediately and self-cleaning is performed. And the filtration is not interrupted during backwashing. Solid particles in the fluid accelerate the wear of system components, pipes, and valves that cause premature failure of system components and the quality of the final processed product.

Because of its compact structure, high reliability, low operating cost and long service life, the backwash filter is applied to all industries that remove solid particles in low-viscosity fluids. It only needs to change the material of the filter element and seal according to the filtrate. Ideal for the industrial sector.www.inocofiltration.com