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Self cleaning filter advantage compared with traditional products

Sep 11, 2019

Self cleaning filter is special filtration machine, which adopts filter screen to directly intercept the impurities, suspended and solids in the water to largely reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt,algae,rust,etc. It is used for purifying water quality and protecting the system and other equipment in normal work.

The self cleaning filter adopts intelligent equipment, its system can automatically identify the degree of impurity cumulation. Give the signal to drain valve to automatically discharge. Especially used in the water treatment, self cleaning filter with simple design and good performance will achieve ideal filtration effect in waste water.

Compared with traditional products, self cleaning filter overcome the problems of  small carrying out, easily getting clogged up with dirt, need of assembly parts of filter during the period of filtration and be unable to monitor the state of the filter, at the same time, it also can filter the raw water and automatically clean the filter element and automatically drain.in the process of clean and drain, it can operate without down time and monitor the state of filter’s operation, so this is the highly automatic filter.

In the normal condition, self cleaning filter can achieve automatic backwash without down time and can be adjusted the filtration cycle.the filters can be in the direction of vertical and horizontal type. The self cleaning filters have widely used in the industry, agriculture,municipal electric power, electronics, medicine,food,printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, paper and other water filtration in industry.

For example, when the self cleaning filters are used in reclaimed water recycle, after treated by filters, the water quality is lower than standard for living and drinking, but higher than standard for allowed waste water discharge, so it can be used for garden green,rivers of water, urban greening, road spraying water, cooing water in thermal power plant and chemical plant, car washing water, etc, as as to reduce the cost of water and save resources.     


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