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Self-cleaning filter for the difference between inlet pressure and pipeline pressure

Aug 22, 2018

Some customers are more concerned about the relationship between the self-cleaning filter and the inlet pressure. In fact, the self-cleaning filter has nothing to do with the inlet pressure because of the pipeline pressure. Self-cleaning filters rely on pipe pressure for backwashing screens and automatic blowdown.


The sewage valve of the self-cleaning filter is the first hydraulic hydraulic drive cylinder used, which is opened by the pipeline pressure. That is to say, the greater the pipe pressure, the better the cleaning effect on the equipment, the better the filter washing effect, and the better the sewage discharge capacity. With the improvement of the self-cleaning filter technology, the hydraulic electric blowdown valve can also be used as an electric butterfly valve drain valve, etc., generally used in the pipeline pressure is insufficient, the self-cleaning filter inlet water pressure is not required, and the pipeline has pressure requirements.


It can be seen that the effect of the pipeline pressure is very important for the self-cleaning filter, and the self-cleaning filter is attached to the pipeline pressure to complete the filtration process. In addition, the dust captured by the self-cleaning filter generates an additional resistance airflow, so the self-cleaning filter resistance is gradually increased during use, the larger the filtering area, the more dust can be accommodated, and the filter life is longer.http://www.inocofiltration.com/