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Self-cleaning filter installation method and precautions

Sep 30, 2018

When installing the self-cleaning filter, pay attention to the protection of the control box, sensor and transmission parts to prevent damage. Then, the pipe can be connected in the direction of the arrow on the self-cleaning filter body so that the water flow direction is consistent with the arrow body on the body.


The self-cleaning filter should be installed before the water equipment to be protected and as close as possible to the water equipment. In the power system, the self-cleaning filter should be installed between the water pump and the water equipment. The closer to the water equipment, the better. When the pressure before the pump and water equipment exceeds the limit pressure of the filter, the self-cleaning filter can also be installed in front of the pump and as close as possible to the pump.


The automatic drain valve connection method for self-cleaning filter is divided into flange and thread buckle. The drain pipe should not be too long. Try not to exceed 10 meters. In the actual installation, it must be considered for easy maintenance, the shut-off valve should be installed before and after the cleaning filter, and the bypass pipe should be installed. Sufficient maintenance space should be left on both sides of the self-cleaning filter. The direction of the filter cartridge should be kept close to the length of the cylinder to replace the filter.


The specifications of the self-cleaning filter should match the pipe or flow. When a single filter cannot meet the system flow requirements, two or more can be connected in parallel to meet the system filtration requirements. When adopting any type of installation, care should be taken to make the outlet direction of the automatic drain valve horizontal or downward to ensure a more thorough discharge.