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Self cleaning filter s present a variety of applicable features

Oct 25, 2018

In order to meet the filtration requirements of various occasions, the self cleaning filter  equipment control system is sensitive and accurate, and can flexibly adjust the backwashing pressure difference time and time setting value according to different water sources and filtration precision. When it is in the backwashing process, each filter screen is backwashed in turn; ensure that the filter screen is safely and efficiently cleaned, while other screens are not affected and continue to filter.


The self cleaning filter  device adopts a pneumatic blowdown valve, and the backwashing has a short duration, and the backwash consumes less water, and is environmentally friendly and economical. At the same time, its structural design is compact and reasonable, the floor space is small, and the installation movement is flexible and convenient. self cleaning filter  equipment electrical system with integrated control mode for remote control


The self cleaning filter  device adopts the patented internal mechanical structure to realize the true high-pressure backwash function, which can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities trapped by the filter, clean the dead space, and the flux has no attenuation, which ensures the filtration efficiency and long-term. The service life.http://www.inocofiltration.com/