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Self cleaning filter works editor

Water from the inlet into the filter, the first coarse filter components filter out the larger particles of impurities, and then reach the fine filter, filter fine particles through the fine filter impurities, the water from the water outlet discharge.

In the filtering process, fine filter mesh gradually accumulate impurities inside and outside it to form a pressure difference. When the pressure reaches the preset value, it will start the automatic cleaning process: the blow-off valve is opened, the hydraulic motor chamber and the hydraulic cylinder of the main assembly release the pressure and discharge the water; the pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the suction pipe drops sharply, Pressure effect, through the suction nozzle fine filter wall dirt, the hydraulic motor into the hydraulic motor room, discharged by the sewage valve, the formation of a suction process. When the water flows through the hydraulic motor, the suction pipe is driven to rotate, the suction pipe is axially driven by the hydraulic cylinder piston, and the suction filter assembly is completely cleaned and cleaned by the combination of the axial motion and the rotary motion. The entire cleaning process will last for tens of seconds. The blowdown valve is closed at the end of the cleaning, and the increased pressure causes the hydraulic cylinder piston to return to its original position and the filter begins to prepare for the next flushing cycle. In the cleaning process, the normal filter filter work uninterrupted.

Backwash can be automatically carried out the principle: As mentioned earlier, backwash hydraulic valve is opened by the hydraulic cylinder piston and the action to achieve, and these are through the backwash controller to control. Backwash controller based on the value of the differential pressure from the filter inlet and outlet to accurately control the hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder, and the controller's power comes from the pipeline's own pressure.

Self-cleaning filter characteristics: uninterrupted water supply backwash, the entire backwash nozzle is a net filter every way to achieve this. Backwash is only a small nozzle between the nozzle and the fine local pressure changes, and the collector and the hydraulic cylinder action does not affect the normal water supply. At the same time, the amount of water consumed during backwashing is very small at a flow rate of 300 m3 / h. For example, the backwash flow of 35-40m3 / h, backwash time of 7-15 seconds, backwash water volume of 80-160L.