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Several aspects that should be noted in the installation of self cleaning filters

Nov 05, 2018

At any time, the company pays more and more attention to environmental protection. The self-cleaning filter is also widely used in social production and life, and its filtering effect in the water system is becoming more and more important. When installing the self-cleaning filter, pay attention to the protection of the control box, sensor and transmission parts to prevent damage.


At the same time, the pipe should be connected in the direction of the arrow on the body of the self-cleaning filter so that the direction of the water flow is consistent with the arrow body on the body. It should be installed before the water equipment to be protected and as close as possible to the water equipment. In the power system, the self-cleaning filter should be installed between the water pump and the water equipment. The closer to the water equipment, the better. When the pressure before the pump and water equipment exceeds the limit pressure of the filter, the self-cleaning filter can also be installed in front of the pump and as close as possible to the pump.


When installing the self-cleaning filter, please make sure that the outlet direction of the automatic drain valve is horizontal or downward to ensure more thorough discharge. Its specifications should match the pipe or flow. When a single filter does not meet the system flow requirements, two or more can be connected in parallel to meet the system filtration requirements.


When adjusting the electric part of the self-cleaning filter, please note that the direction of rotation of the motor should be consistent with the direction of the marking; in use, the differential pressure should be set according to the actual requirements of the on-site system, so that the sewage can be cleaned in time. In addition, the installation should be considered for easy maintenance, the shut-off valve should be installed before and after the self-cleaning filter, and the bypass pipe should be installed.http://www.inocofiltration.com/