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Six major explanations for cartridge filtration and bag filters

Oct 26, 2019

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, filters have been widely used in various aspects of society. There are many kinds of filters. Below I introduce the filter cartridges and bags for the six major use of filter cartridges and bags. The six major explanations of the filter:


Filter cartridge disinfection method

1. Disinfect the disinfection cabinet, remove the filter element from the plastic bag, and sterilize it in a disinfection cabinet for 30 minutes at 121C.

2. For online disinfection, the filter element is installed in the filter according to the correct method (the fixed plate is separated from the filter element by 0.5mm). The steam is passed for 30 minutes.

Secondary inflow and outflow identification

The outside of the filter element enters the middle, and the positive and negative recoil can be carried out in different directions.

Three aperture identification

The filter housing has a hot melt font that indicates the filter material and aperture.

Four filter installation method

1. Wet the O-ring and slowly insert the filter vertically. It must be inserted into the stainless steel circular groove.

2. The filter element fins are pressed with stainless steel orifice plates, and the pressure plate does not need to be too tight to prevent the filter core from being deformed during high temperature sterilization.

3. Avoid direct contact with the filter element.

4. Flush the filter element as much as possible before use.

5. When turning on or off, please turn the valve slowly, do not open or close it at once to prevent the filter from being sucked during high temperature sterilization.

Five filter maintenance methods:

When the filter element is used to meet the design flow rate (the pressure difference is 0.1 MPa before and after the flow rate drops significantly), please turn off the filter from the filter after the machine is stopped, remove the filter element from the filter, rinse the surface with water, and then soak for 24 hours in 4% hydrochloric acid. Soak in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, then rinse with water (two O-rings are removed during soaking to prevent swelling).

Six storage methods:

1. Soak the filter element in the disinfectant and fill the filter stainless steel casing with disinfectant.

2, the filter core is taken out and dried, (50oC 36 hours)

3. Take out the filter and dry it in a dry climate.

4. Do not dry the filter element in plastic bags to prevent mold.