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Static mixer applications

Static mixer is an advanced chemical unit equipment, since its inception in various fields at home and abroad have been promoted. Compared to dynamic mixing equipment, the main static mixer unit in the static mixer does not move itself during the mixing process but rather disperses and mixes the fluid with the energy of the fluid itself and through the action of the static mixing unit, so that its equipment No moving parts.


Since static mixers allow for mixing without the use of mechanical agitation units, the energy required to mix the product comes directly from the fluid itself, and the fixed mixing unit continuously cuts, diffuses and redistributes the fluid; and mixing The required kinetic energy comes from the pump device.


In fact, the static mixer has the advantages of small size, convenient maintenance, simple installation, high disassembly and reliability, etc .; besides, it has the advantages of good mixing performance, high efficiency, easy continuous production, reduced labor intensity, increased production efficiency and energy consumption Low, operating costs small.


The above-mentioned series of advantages make the static mixer gradually applied in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, chemical fiber, grease, food and environment protection, etc., and in the field of chemical unit operation, extraction, gas absorption, reaction and heat exchange , Dissolved, dispersed, mixed powder, such as the outstanding results.


To talk about the role of static mixer in the field of water treatment, each of its components can be divided into two streams, the flow is split after the thickness of the liquid layer is thin, so bacteria exposed to HOCl, increased contact area , Easy to kill; at the same time there is the role of conversion and reversal.http://www.inocofiltration.com/