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Static mixer model and static mixer usage

It should be noted that the different types of static mixers correspond to different occasions, and their respective technical performances are also different. SV-type static mixers are cylindrical devices assembled from corrugated plates of certain specifications. They are more suitable for the mixing and emulsification of liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, and gas-gas with a viscosity of less than or equal to 102 centipoise, reaction, and absorption. Extraction, enhanced heat transfer process.


The SK-type static mixer is welded from a single-hole left and right twisted spiral plate, so it is more suitable for the mixing of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, fine processing, plastics, environmental protection, synthetic fibers, mineral processing and other departments. , reaction, extraction, absorption, injection molding, color matching and heat transfer processes.


There is also an SX type static mixer, which is mainly composed of cross-bars to form a number of X-type unit groups according to certain rules. Such a static mixer reacts and mixes medium-to-high viscosity liquid-liquid with a viscosity of ≤ 104 centipoise. The mixing process and the reaction process of the absorption process or the production of the polymer fluid are more effective, especially when the processing volume is large, the use effect is better.


The SH-type static mixer is also a type of static mixer. Its unit is composed of double holes, and spirals are placed in the holes. The orientation of the double holes of adjacent units is misaligned by 90°. Fluid redistribution chambers are provided between the units. The unique structure makes it suitable for the processes of mixing, emulsification, color matching, injection spinning, and heat transfer in fine processing, plastics, synthetic fibers, and mineral processing. It is particularly suitable for medium and high viscosity cleaning media with small flow and high mixing requirements. .


In addition, there are SL-type static mixers that are suitable for use in the chemical, petroleum, and grease industries where the viscosity is ≤ 106 centipoise or with a polymer medium. While it is mixing materials, it can also complete the process of heat transfer and cooling.http://www.inocofiltration.com/