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Static mixer scientific and reasonable maintenance methods

Static mixers are widely used in industrial manufacturing, so care must be taken if the static mixers are not used for long periods of time, and the static mixers need to be switched off and the power is turned off because the long-term power connections Causing the body temperature overheating, causing damage to the various electronic components inside the device.


In the static mixer key transmission parts we need to put on the lubricating oil to ensure that the equipment in the future use of the process can be normal operation. The static mixer oil model number 46 should be because the equipment in operation requires a lot of power, and 46, the high heat value of gasoline, just to meet the static mixer for gasoline requirements.


The static mixer's V-belt should be the same size, when placed inside the gearbox, pay attention to lightly handled, so as not to damage the V-belt, and the installation of the V-belt inside the device need to be tightened to prevent the belt from falling off, After that we should nut on the nut, so as to avoid various factors causing the nut off.


Normally, we have to periodically clean the static mixer tank to ensure that the tank will not accumulate too much grease; at the same time its filter should be cleaned every other month, because the filter is to intercept debris, it is easy to cause The accumulation of debris, but the specific cleaning time should be based on the strength of the machine to choose.


In addition, the static mixer on the inspection and maintenance by professionals to make the problem be effectively investigated, so as not to cause more serious damage to the equipment. After the state of the equipment is restored, the operation can not be resumed.