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Swirling desilter installation and filter technology for backwash filter

May 04, 2019

The cyclone desander of the backwash filter should be installed on the main pipe of the water supply pipe network and fixed on the base, and bypassing should be added between the inlet and outlet pipes. In order to ensure the smooth flow of the influent water, a straight pipe with the same diameter as the water inlet should be installed before the water inlet of the equipment, and the length is equivalent to 10-15 times the diameter of the water inlet.


Backwash filter Swirl desilters should be installed with adequate maintenance space around the equipment. In normal operation, the inlet and outlet valves need to be opened, and the drain valve and bypass valve should be closed. According to the amount of sand in the source water, the sand is discharged regularly, and the sewage valve is opened when the sewage is discharged. The sewage discharge process does not affect the normal water consumption of the system. After draining, close the drain valve.


The backwash filter cyclone remover has no filter impurity function. If there is a requirement for filtering impurities, a filter is required. The fiber filter is a series of filters based on the rotor-type fiber filter technology. Rotor-type fiber filter material has the advantages of high backwashing of granular filter material, low backwashing and low water consumption of initial filter water; fiber filter material with large specific surface area, high filtration precision, large amount of interception, and filter bed gap The advantages of high rate; at the same time, it has the characteristics of strong adaptability to different media, good backwashing effect and large utilization rate of filter bed.


When filtering, the rotor-type fiber filter material forms pores in the filter from top to bottom, which is a nearly ideal filter bed with a large and small gradient change distribution. The structure of the filter bed is beneficial to the effective separation of suspended solids in water, large The solid suspension will be trapped in the upper part, while the small suspended solids that are not trapped will descend, and as the gap of the filter bed becomes smaller, it will be trapped in the lower part. www.inocofiltration.com