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The air supply volume of the clean room air filter is repeated for three air supply volumes

Nov 01, 2019

The air volume of the air filter should be less than or equal to the rated air volume. Efficient (sub-efficient, ultra-efficient) air filter set in the same clean area, the efficiency should be close to the following: The north filter to explain the air supply volume of the clean room air filter to the three air supply volume:


At the same time, it is pointed out that the air supply volume of the clean room should be replaced by the following three items:

1 is the air supply volume to ensure the air cleanliness level.

2 Calculate the determined air supply volume based on the heat and wet load.

3 The amount of fresh air supplied to the clean room.

It can be seen that the selection of the filter and the calculation of the amount of air supply (the number of air changes) in the air conditioning system are of great significance. In the actual design process, the choice of air filter usually takes into account the investment of the air filter and its own problems. The actual air volume selected by the designer is less than its own rated air volume. The specific method is according to the rating filter rating. The air volume ratio (such as 60%) is used to select the size of the filter. It is considered that as long as it is less than the rated air volume, the coefficient imbalance between them can be achieved by installing the regulating valve, so the resistance of the check filter is replaced, so that the same clean The length of the high-efficiency filter in the area is close, which causes troubles in air volume adjustment and affects the implantation of the filter.

In general, it is considered that the number of air exchanges in the clean room is greater than the heat, and the air supply is determined by the calculation of the wet load (the air conditioning dew point is 8~10 times/h), and the air supply volume in the clean room is selected. Generally, according to the level of cleanliness, according to the clean room to ensure different levels to replace the number of different air changes, but not to check the heat, wet load calculation to determine the amount of air supply, the calculation of this problem is that a purification air conditioning system only Can have a supply air status point, when different levels of clean room (such as 10,000 and 100,000 or even 1000 clean rooms in one system) or indoor load difference penetration in a system (such as locker room and main operation The time between the room cooling load is several times or even several times. It is impossible to determine a correct air supply state point, causing some rooms to be cold and some rooms to be hot.