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The application of self-cleaning filter in treating turbidity wastewater and river basin management.

As the advanced water treatment equipment in China, self-cleaning strainer has been widely used in the water works and has achieved good economic and social benefits. Of course, it is also beneficial to the river basin of our country, the self-cleaning filter has remarkable effect on its treatment.

Coagulation precipitation process is the key of the low turbidity water treatment technology, can accurately control the dosing amount of coagulant relationship is especially important, because in the case of low turbidity water, needs less coagulants, the formation of the alum flowers fine grain, small, light, difficult to precipitation, easy to penetrate filter. Therefore, it is very difficult and necessary to accurately control the dosage in low turbidity water.

The appearance of self-cleaning strainer solves this problem very well, its simple design and good performance make the sewage to achieve the best filtering effect. Use the filter to directly block impurities in water, remove suspended particles and particulate matter, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, algae, rust, etc., to purify water quality.

In the land of self-cleaning filter under the effective use of turbidity wastewater has been effectively treatment, after self-cleaning filter treatment of water quality is not only up to the national wastewater discharge standard, and water can be treated by self-cleaning filter, recycling saves water resources effectively.

And self-cleaning filter has gradually become the development of water conservancy safe driving security, it can ensure the absolute safety of every drop into the water, at present each big factory has been gradually began to install and use the equipment, and also further ahead and twisting process of traditional water resources development.

Self-cleaning filter to promote the development of river basin pollution, but also further improve and reverse the development of the traditional water conservancy safe speed, also greatly promote the overall ecological environment of our country to achieve a more comprehensive development. It is because of the pollution control in the basin that the whole life security is promoted, and the development of water resource recycling is promoted further.http://www.inocofiltration.com/