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The correct use and disinfection of the foldable gas filter

May 08, 2018

Filter is very common in life, and as the requirements of users to filter gradually increase, the type of filter is more and more, foldable gas filter, as one of them, has also been recognized and favored by the vast number of users. In order to make the best use effect and use effect, the foldable gas filter needs proper use and disinfection.


The first thing to know is about the way to use the foldable gas filter, which is actually very simple. The first step is to assemble the filter to buy back, and it can be done according to the instructions. The second step is to check and check the power supply before using the folding gas filter.


The main function of the test operation of the foldable gas filter is to test the performance of the equipment. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it can be formally used after it is solved in time. After the use, the power supply of the air filter needs to be pulled out in order to ensure the safety problem.


Second is the method of disinfection of the foldable gas filter. After a period of use, the equipment will certainly produce a lot of bacteria and stains. If they are not treated in time, it will affect the filtering effect, so disinfection is one of the key work.


The method of sterilizing the foldable gas filter is very simple. It only needs to remove the filter net inside. There will be a lot of dirt and dust on the filter net. It can be done with a blower or a brush with soft hair. It can also be soaked with a disinfectant and the like to achieve a thorough cleaning effect. Filter screen。 The corners of the foldable gas filters also need to be sterilized, such as brushes, towels and so on.


In fact, the use of a foldable gas filter and disinfection of the work will have a special staff to be responsible for the purchase of the manufacturer will also be clear and user instructions. If you do not understand the problem can directly contact the manufacturer, manufacturers will send professional staff to help you solve the problem, through the above analysis, I believe that the user has a certain understanding, can be done in a regular way, in order to achieve the best use effect.http://www.inocofiltration.com/