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The design of static mixer and its mixed state characteristics.

Apr 26, 2018

In order for the static mixer to fully display its excellent efficacy, it is usually installed in the industrial pipeline and is as far away from the initial mixing place of the fluid or the outlet of the pump. And material meeting set in front of the pipeline gas water static mixer, conditional case, the meeting set up as far as possible before the inlet water static mixer is above 30 mm position, but at the same time must ensure that all the mixed material into the pipeline gas water static mixer.

Static mixer used, in the absence of clearly indicate either one usually can be imported, so it can be installed horizontally it can be installed vertically, but should as far as possible at the outlet to set a straight pipe in order to guarantee the mixing effect, must maintain all mixed materials' average and pressure stability.

Since the actual size of the static mixer is not large, it can be considered that the prefilter screen can effectively remove the clutter in the mixing medium. Although the static mixer has emulsifying effect, some materials are easily lost after emulsification, and the emulsifier should be considered when necessary.

Observation and found that is suitable for the turbulent mixing of static mixer in the form of the twisted blade, because, with the increase of flow velocity in the section of the flow direction will produce a lot of fierce vortex and strong shear force, this force can effectively such as gas and liquid, liquid liquid, solid and liquid dispersion and dissolution of liquid liquid, solid and liquid.

, of course, in addition to the form of a twisted blade, other forms of static mixer, also can undertake turbulent mixing, but most of the energy that its supply fluid consumption in the fluid and wall friction, friction between the rarely used for fluid. Therefore, their energy consumption is not very ideal.

After static mixer mixing flow is a typical of laminar mixing state and by the belt into the continuous or discontinuous line and the particle shape, and the change of the state depends on the Reynolds number of fluid mixed and weber number. Therefore, as long as the mixed uniform fluid, regardless of its velocity and mixer diameter, the number of units determined by the test is applicable.http://www.inocofiltration.com/