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The difference between the use of filter separator and cyclone separator

Although the filter separator and the cyclone filter are the same as the separation device, they are still different in the separation principle and applicable occasions. Among them, the cyclone separator is mainly used to separate the gravity sedimentation, and the airflow after the cyclone is heavy solid. The particles are left behind, and the gas and other light components rise and are blown out of the outlet.


The main component of the filter separator is the filter element. The solid particles of the macromolecule cannot enter the rear device through the filter element. The small molecules can pass through. Therefore, it can separate the liquid impurities. When the filter element is in the liquid, the liquid will gather and form a large one. When the water drops, it falls, enters the condensate bag, thus discharges the pollution, then the filter separator and the mist catcher element can further separate the liquid impurity.


Obviously, the cyclone separator is not as good as the liquid separation effect of the filter separator. Generally speaking, the basic cyclone is mainly to separate solids, and the filter separator can further filter smaller solid impurities and liquid impurities. Can be better dealt with.


Separators used in oil fields are mainly filter separators, but they can be divided into horizontal and vertical types by shape. Vertical separators can be divided into vertical two-phase separators and three-phase separators. They are suitable for the treatment of oil and gas mixtures containing more solid impurities. Drain outlets at the bottom facilitate the removal of debris, making it easier to control the liquid level and occupying less space. .


The horizontal separator can be divided into horizontal two-phase and three-phase separators. The gas flow direction and the droplet settling direction are perpendicular to each other, the droplets can be easily separated from the gas flow; the gas-liquid interface is large, which is conducive to the treatment of foaming crude oil and high Oil-gas ratio oil; easy to outfit, transport and maintain.http://www.inocofiltration.com