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The function of the backwash filter and the essentials in the backwash process

The backwash filter can make the industrial wastewater meet the national wastewater discharge standard, which can effectively protect the environment. At the same time, it can also meet the standards of reuse after sewage treatment, which can not only solve the problem of sewage discharge, but also solve the problem of sewage discharge. Reusing reuse saves costs.


At the same time, the backwash filter can also be designed according to the user's requirements to produce filters of various pressure ranges; after special filter production of filters with temperatures up to 95C, special filters are required for filters that need to work in cold conditions. Filtration control system; for the strong corrosive characteristics of seawater, special materials such as nickel and titanium alloy are selected, and the filter is specially processed.


During the backwash of the backwash filter, care should be taken to keep it running at a moderate speed, not too fast, or too slow. Care should be taken to ensure that it has sufficient time and flow rate to allow it to have a good backwash effect to ensure a better backwash filter.


Not only that, but also the backwash filter should be taken care of to ensure the uniformity of the water flow when backwash, so as to ensure the quality of the water. At the same time, we must also ensure that the size and uniformity of the filter material can meet certain requirements.http://inocofiltration.com/