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The important role of air filter in the air system

Oct 22, 2019

Ventilation and air conditioning systems require the protection of air filters. Air conditioning maintenance personnel often find that air conditioning systems will find problems after the time of use. The northern filter below explains the important role of air filter in the air system:


1. Fans, heat exchangers, dampers, pipes and other components are heavily dusted and have odor

2. After several years of system operation, the air volume and cold/heat treatment amount are low, and it is difficult to meet the original design requirements;

3. Comfortable black spots appear around the air outlet;

4. Indoor personnel prevent air pollution and physical discomfort;

5. The high efficiency air filter of the clean room system can make the growth too fast, even need to be replaced in 1-2 years;

6. For the metal/nylon mesh and chemical fiber non-woven fabric currently in the air conditioner, even if it is not cleaned, it will not continue to rise;

In addition to stopping the air conditioning system for cleaning, or replacing expensive system components, a more effective measure is to add more efficient air (there are few companies that can provide air conditioning system cleaning services in the country. After continuous investigation and research, glass fiber Bag filters are the most cost-effective option for users.)