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The important role of air filters in industrial development

Nov 13, 2019

The use of air filters greatly reduces the degree of atmospheric pollution outside the industrial zone, effectively solves the air quality problems in industrial areas, and will play an increasingly important role in future industrial development. The following is an important role of the air filter in industrial development by the North filter:


According to the survey conducted by the relevant environmental protection departments on harmful atmospheric pollutants in an industrial area and surrounding areas, the detection frequency of 19 substances including benzene and toluene in more than 66 kinds of pollutants appeared more than 50%. The average concentration was the highest in toluene, 2.1 ppb; in order, ethyl acetate was 0.6 ppb, benzene was 0.4 ppb, and the detection position was outside the air filter.

The results of investigations on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 2), polycyclic aromatic carbon oxides (PAHs) 3), and heavy metals have shown that they are tested at various points in industrial parks and industrial parks at five points. 7 days concentration in the atmosphere.

The results of the investigation on harmful atmospheric pollutants show that the concentration has been greatly improved. The main reason is that environmental protection has been strengthened in various industrial areas. In particular, air filters have been installed for the emission of harmful gases, and then discharged to the atmosphere through purification. When the pollution levels of other industrial parks surveyed are compared, the overall concentration is low, especially the concentrations of trichloroethylene and methylene chloride are lower than half of the past. Some industrial parks are toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene and trichloroethylene. The concentration of ethylene and the like is low.

The results of this survey indicate that the number of companies staying in the industrial park is increasing (62%), but the number of fiber-related companies that use large amounts of organic solvents is reduced to 25% due to closures; the industrial park is being reorganized and environmental protection is being created. Eco-park projects, if this affects the level of environmental pollution in industrial areas will be improved than in the past.