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The important role played by the self-cleaning filter in water reuse

As sewage treatment has been gradually recognized in China, related wastewater treatment products have emerged one after another. Self-cleaning filters are just one of them. It has emerged in the sewage treatment industry and has played an important role in secondary treatment of sewage treatment.


The self-cleaning filter can effectively solve the problem of water resources in China during the sewage treatment process and increase the frequency of water reuse. It can be used in landscape water, reclaimed water reuse, industrial waste water industry. Compared with the previous filters, the equipment has a high degree of automation, a large amount of processing, high water accuracy, uninterrupted water supply, self-cleaning sewage, reduce water consumption, and alleviate the lack of water resources.


In the reclaimed water reuse, the self-cleaning filter also plays a vital role, through the raw water, grille, regulating tank, lift pump, bioreactor, circulating pump, membrane module, disinfection device, and medium water storage tank. The use of a series of units such as the self-cleaning filter and the reclaimed water system has enabled the secondary use of sewage.


The self-cleaning filter promotes the completion of the return of water. It is an important way to solve the urban water crisis and it is also the fundamental way of coordinating urban water resources and water environment. Domestic wastewater treatment and reuse can reduce the exploitation of groundwater. , but also can bring us some economic benefits.


The term “reclaimed water” here refers to all types of non-potable water that can meet the required water quality standards after treatment, and can be used in the areas of living, municipal, environmental, etc., because of its quality after being filtered and filtered by self-cleaning filters. The indicator is lower than the standard of drinking water quality, but higher than the allowable discharge of wastewater quality standards, so it can be used as park greening and river and lake water, urban greening water, road surface spraying water, thermal power plant and chemical plant cooling water, car washing water Etc., thereby greatly reducing water costs.http://www.inocofiltration.com/