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The role and advantages of pipeline filter separator

Jun 11, 2018

The pipeline filter separator is a baffle separator, which is composed of a plurality of baffles. The fluid changes the flow direction in the separator several times. Since the suspended water droplets have a large mass and inertia, when the flow direction of the baffle is changed, Dry steam can bypass the baffle and continue to move forward, and the water droplets will accumulate on the baffle. The steam separator has a large flow area, which reduces the kinetic energy of the water droplets. Most of them condense and finally fall to the bottom of the separator. , through the trap discharge.


In the process of using the pipeline filter separator, steam or compressed air can suddenly change direction in the flow, water droplets contained in the steam or compressed air are separated, moisture content in the steam or compressed air is reduced, and the separated water droplets gather. Under the separator, it is discharged through an additional trap to ensure the steam or air drying performance of the steam equipment, improve the working efficiency of the steam equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment.


It can be seen that the filter separator is a device that integrates filtration and dehydration. It not only filters out various tiny particles in the material, but also effectively removes moisture, fibers and suspended matter in the material. The ideal purification equipment can be widely applied to all kinds of fine chemical raw materials that need to be purified.


The pipeline filter separator can automatically adjust the steam intake according to the changes of the steam pressure and water pressure, and overcome the defects such as vibration and noise. While using steam to warm up, it can realize supercharging, greatly reducing the power of the pump motor and achieving energy saving.


Compared with the traditional equipment, the pipeline filter separator has the advantages of energy saving and high thermal efficiency, making the steam fully utilized. Compared with the traditional heat exchange system, the thermal efficiency reaches 100%, and the steam is saved by more than 20%. In addition, it also shows long life, maintenance-free, saving labor costs and other features.


When choosing a filter separator, the design pressure must be higher than the actual working pressure; the flow rate should be greater than 30%-50% of the actual working flow. The rated flow of the filter may not be selected in accordance with the rated flow of mercury, since the actual working flow of mercury is likely to be higher than other rated flows.http://www.inocofiltration.com/