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The role of filter element filter and its setting principle

Jul 21, 2018

The filter element filter adopts the filter element filtering method, which is a filtering method which is distributed on the surface of the filter medium or captured in the depth part of the filter material to remove particles from the water, and the filter core comprises a melt blown filter element and a wire wound filter element. , polypropylene folding filter, titanium rod sintered filter, metal sintered filter, PE / PA tube sintered filter.


In the reverse osmosis system, the final barrier for the feedwater pretreatment of the filter cartridge as a membrane is a relatively sophisticated filter between microfiltration and particulate media filtration, which provides excellent safety for the entire system. Protective effect.


Filter cartridges are generally replaced before the pressure drop reaches the limit of 0.2 MPa, but generally do not exceed three months in order to reduce microbial contamination. Considering that the recoil effect is not good, and also to avoid microbial contamination and the filter element gap is large, it is not recommended to use a backwash filter.


The 5 micron filter cartridge is not designed to filter large amounts of suspended solids. It only protects the reverse osmosis unit. For clean groundwater, if no particulate media filter is used, to avoid contamination of the 5 micron filter. The possibility of penetrating a 5 micron filter allows a larger pore filter to be placed in front of a 5 micron filter.http://www.inocofiltration.com/