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The role of self-cleaning filters in many industries

May 21, 2019

Many industries are using self-cleaning filters to filter wastewater. Self-cleaning filters have a good filter effect and are favored by many companies. Self-cleaning filter can be used for oil well water filtration, process circulating water filtration, cooling water filtration; monomer and polymer production, rich amine and lean amine recovery; lubricating oil, aviation coal and other oil filtration; catalyst recovery; filtration of chemical raw materials and Finished product; intercept carbon ink and filter aid; protect key equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers and valves. 

Self-cleaning filter for intercepting activated carbon and filter aid; filtering mixed oil and oil, polishing and filtering of refined oil; security filtration before filling; filtration of various food production water, washing water; filtration of raw materials such as syrup; removal of blending process Impurities generated in the filter; filter out suspended matter and sediment in the beverage; filter chocolate, soy protein, jelly, beer, and the like. 

Self-cleaning filter is used to filter various types of paper machine water such as raw water, high and low pressure spray water, water needle water, heat exchange water, white water, sealing water, bearing cooling water, cooling tower water, high and low pressure washing water; Paper coating additives such as polymers, calcium carbonate, bentonite, starch cooking liquor, defoamers, sizing agents, lubricants, water repellents, dyes, fillers, pigments, latex, and the like. 

Self-cleaning filter is applied to filter cooling water; remove impurities in copper foil electrolytic stabilization tank; filter pure water, ultrapure water; filter of chemical slurry; recycle filtration of wafer cutting and grinding wastewater; filter PCB ink; Degreasing; pre-filtration of membrane cartridges. In addition, the self-cleaning filter can also be used for lubricating oil filtration; coolant circulation filtration; recovery of precious metals; filtration of workpiece phosphating solution, cleaning solution; filtration of anti-rust oil; ultra-fine kerosene filtration; removal of cleaning fluid The trace oil, the cleaning fluid in the workpiece cleaning line is circulated and filtered.www.inocofiltration.com