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The role of the primary filter in the FFU fan filter unit

Oct 21, 2019

There are many methods for sterilization, and the corresponding sterilization equipment is also available in a wide variety. However, with the requirements of production and the improvement of people's living standards, the safety and nutritional requirements for food have begun. The following is a description of the role of the primary filter in the FFU fan filter unit by the North filter:


In order to reduce the environmental pollution inside the food workshop, air filter and effective sterilization must be installed inside the workshop. However, many small and medium-sized food companies have thin profits and limited funds, and they cannot use high-priced disinfection equipment. It is understood that the traditional standard clean workshop must be equipped with an initial, medium and high-efficiency filtration and purification ventilation system, equipped with a central air-conditioning system; even if it is a transformation, for the low-profit enterprises, the future maintenance costs are also a heavy burden.

Therefore, in order to avoid microbial contamination of food, small and medium-sized food enterprises urgently need to use space sterilizing equipment with reasonable cost and excellent performance; and air filter is a good space purification and disinfection equipment. It is reported that the principle of sterilizing and purifying the air filter is: under the action of the fan, the polluted air is continuously circulated and disinfected, and then the drug is inserted into the activated carbon and other components for secondary sterilization and filtration, so that the environment is kept "aseptic and dust-free". "standard. The person can work in the workshop at the same time, so the air filter can also be called an "air dynamic disinfection machine".