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The use of bag filters in automotive pre-painting

Jun 06, 2018

With the rapid development of the national economy and the automobile industry, people have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of automobiles. In car painting production lines, auto bodies undergo dozens of processing processes before they can go offline. Each treatment process must be equipped with a corresponding coating filtration system. Bag filters play a crucial role.


In the automotive coating production line, the bag filter can not only remove impurities, oil and iron rust, to ensure the uniform and excellent body coating effect. At the same time, the circulation filtration of liquids, the increase of coating liquids and water use efficiency, and the reduction of operating costs.


As the basis of the car painting process, the quality of the pre-painting treatment process is the key to the success or failure of the entire car body painting process, and multiple washings between the various process sections are the key to improving the cleaning effect, usually each time. Contamination control of the wash solution is required to be less than 1/10 of the concentration of the treatment solution in the previous process.


Under the requirements of improving water use efficiency and reducing costs, how to filter and recycle clean water and ensure the cleanliness of water quality become the key to the success of the filtration system; secondly, use membrane filtration UF to recover degreasing liquid, phosphating solution, and regeneration. Highly polluted cleaning water and pre-treatment wastewater also put forward higher requirements for the design and application of filtration systems.


The bag filter has a compact structure, a small footprint, and a wide range of filtration accuracy; at the same time, the unit area has a large flow rate, a small filter resistance, and a low cost; the use of maintenance is convenient and quick; the specifications are complete, the materials are diverse, and the application scope is wide. The advantages of the series demonstrate the applicability of the automotive coating system.


As the traditional bag filter technology can basically meet the requirements of modern coating line filtration, advanced bag filters reflect great advantages and cost-effectiveness for traditional filter bags in design, manufacture and practical application. Line filter system design and construction provide a better choice.